Salescast Podcast Bootcamp

We're going to teach you how stories shape B2B relationships and how to craft a story that will attract your ideal clients, investors and partners.

Welcome to Podcast Bootcamp!

We've made plenty of mistakes launching 60 of the top B2B podcasts over 750,000+ listeners globally.

If you were to sign up with us as an agency client tomorrow, the next thing we would schedule is a podcast bootcamp if you were starting a new show or if we were launching a new season of your show.

You'd fly in or drive to our studio in Irvine, CA after blocking out a half day in your calendar and we'd go through the exact process together that you're about to get access to in this course.

It is byfar the fastest, most straightforward path to launching a revenue-first podcast today.

Please DM me in the community or send me an email at: with any questions, comments or concerns.

Please download the PDF and follow along or follow along on Google Slides here:

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