Win Your Dream Clients

Build more relationships, win more clients, and make a global impact through salescast mastery.

Join us for 4 weeks that will change your life.

4 Weeks to Podcast Mastery

To all my servant leaders out there -

What if we could help you scale your message and build more relationships with your ideal clients without…

  • Spamming your network with DM's and cold emails
  • Spending hundreds of hours on calls
  • Investing thousands in expensive ads
  • Having to hire an entire creative team

What if you could learn how to do that in 4 weeks?

We’re looking for impact-driven community builders who are ready to stop wasting time and instead use the power of having your own interview-driven podcast to become an empowered leader, and lead your own raving-fan community that continues to buy from you for years.

To qualify you must…

  • Have the drive to lead an impact-driven community
  • Be a service-based business owner or have a business that can benefit from online content
  • Understand the power of building a strong network that leads to sales

Our expertise is in transforming how people sell by recording interviews once, creating impactful content and distributing across the right channels to grow your audience and community.

How to Get Started

Please use the link below to apply for our November 2nd Cohort Start Date. Once approved and payment processed, you will be enrolled into the Mastery Program which includes:

  • 4 Weekly 1-2 Hour Live Sessions with Collin + Chris and other experts
  • Breakout sessions with your peers
  • Interview practice
  • Guided creative
  • Platform setup
  • All course material

One time Investment: $5,500

On-Going Mastery

For those that wish to keep the magic going afterward, we will have a monthly on-going accountability and group coaching environment where you can continue to grow. For $700 per month you get access to:

  • The Salescast Mastery Program Elite Community
  • Exclusive Access to our Directory of Podcast Hosts and Guests to Grow Your Show
  • Exclusive Discounts and Access to Further Events and Training Content

Optional On-Going Mastery: $700/mo.

4 Weeks That Will Change Your Business and Your Life...

  • Week 0 - Setting Up Your Environment to Succeed

    Learn all of the tools, software and equipment that you need to create an impactful podcast, the right way!

  • Week 1 - Create, Not Consume

    Learn how to shift your mindset into creating, not consuming social content.

  • Week 2 - The Interview Mindset

    Learn how to turn off the mind and engage fully with your guest to extract the best stories and creating lasting impact.

  • Week 3 - Building Community Around Your Podcast

    Learn the best ways to build a raving-fan community around your podcast and own your data through SMS subscriber lists and email lists.

  • Week 4 - Revenue!

    Learn the best ways to make money from your podcast today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this in person or virtual?

    This is a virtual mastery program that will take place over Zoom.

  • What is the time commitment?

    We have Weekly 1-2 hour deep dives and then breakout sessions with your peers. Total weekly time commitment to succeed is between 3 and 5 hours.

  • Will there be other cohorts?

    This is the first time we are going through a live cohort and there is no guarantee that we will do another live program. We recommend taking advantage of this!

  • Are you able to help me with my podcast afterward?

    Yes, we have on-going support packages available.

  • What if I have other questions?

    Please email with any additional questions.

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