Choose Your Path

The good news is, you don't have to go on this podcasting journey alone anymore, but we need to know where you're headed first.

Frequently Asked Question

We abso-freaking-lutely love questions. Here are some of the ones we've gotten recently. 

Will you try to sell me something on this call? 

Absolutely NOT! This is a sales-pitch free zone. We pour our knowledge and skills out on these calls, with the goal of getting you real solutions immediately. Then if you really insist at that point, we can share more about how we work and where we can deliver the most value to you today.

What if I don't have the time to do the podcast? 

Time. A funny thing time is. We discovered through literal science that if we can get you to be really freaking excited about the podcast and what it can do for your business, it suddenly becomes something easier to find the time for.
PLUS, we fancy ourselves time growth hackers. We create extreme tech-enabled efficiencies in our process that will save you YEARS of frustration.

What are your pricing options? 

First, let's figure out what you actually need and what it's going to take to get there. You could try it in-house, or maybe you have and you realize that there's simply not enough room in the budget for another FTE.
Our aim is to get you to your desired state with your revenue-first podcast as quickly as possible.
Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Billing Available.

Do you guarantee download numbers? 

Um....seriously? If you're focusing on your download numbers as the primary metric for growth, you're just falling in love with yourself looking in the mirror. That's's a vanity metric. Install the right metrics from day 1 and watch your podcast magically become what it needs to be to hit your goals.
Yes. That's right. We get real here.

But what if I can't handle the truth?

With core values like kindness, accountability and gratitude as a company, we create a culture of growth, fulfillment and happiness.
Our business is built on honest and transparent feedback.