Your Perspective Helps You Control Your Life with Amir Reiter

This episode of the Living a Better Story Podcast features Amir Reiter, CEO of CloudTask. He talks about setting up expectations for relationships and how challenges in many of those areas in life can help us grow.

He shares that many of the prominent people that we look up to have suffered in some way and this inspired growth in them. These moments of suffering are impactful in revealing the choice to get yourself to a higher and better point in life.


  • What Amir's younger self would say to him now
  • Controlling your perspective to fuel growth
  • Faith and being inherently good
  • What would he be doing in the next few years


Amir: "Humans are not designed to grow off of feeling good, they just aren't. And if you look at history, it's pain and suffering that puts us forward. I already know that it's never going to be good enough because there's no such thing as a ten. Because a ten becomes a seven to us and that's what drives us to look for that ten that doesn't exist."

Amir: "Yeah, but no one teaches this stuff in school, right? Our brain is really undertaught like we don't talk about consciousness and how to control these things. I definitely think you're not supposed to have all the answers but humans' capabilities are limitless."

Amir: "Sometimes we're just uncomfortable with our power so we have to try to describe things but I don't need that. I'm okay with it, you know? I think our purpose is a lot different than we think about if that makes sense"

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