Your Customer Is The Hero, But They Can’t Be Right About Everything

In this episode of the No BS Sales School podcast, Walker shares two lessons in sales which if applied correctly, are game changing advice. Stop relying on old cliches that don’t work or may even negatively impact your bottom line. This is the correct way to sell: the No BS way.


  • The customer is not always right
  • Always ask for something return
  • Be the guide, not the hero
  • Always listen to your customer


Walker on the golden rule of selling: "I was taught early in my sales career about the golden rule, which was, “He with the gold, rules”. So if a buyer wanted you to do something, then you just did it. They say jump, you say, how high? I would say that that was bad advice."

Walker on making your client the hero of the story: "Instead of even shooting for hero, make your client the hero for choosing you. Make them the hero. Celebrate them. Sales is never about you, the salesperson. Sales is always about the prospect."

Walker on the value of listening: "Everybody's walked a different life path, everybody's gotten where they are in a different way. They have different life experiences and if you assume that they're the same, you're gonna miss something."

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