Wine for a Cause: Creating a Diabetes-Free World with Greg Vaughn

This episode of The UrbanVino Podcast with Jena Domingue features Greg Vaughn, 4-time MLB All-Star and Founder of Vaughn's Valley Foundation. There is a trend of former professional athletes reinventing themselves in the wine industry.

Greg shares his introduction to wine and his decision, informed by his own evolving palate, to enter the business. He also talks about the roots of Vaughn's Valley, his advocacy for child diabetes, and how all proceeds of the wine go back to his foundation.


  • Greg's journey from MLB All-Star to winemaker
  • Embracing change and evolving to sit at executive tables
  • Vaughn's Village: Sharing his blessings and fighting diabetes
  • Greg's personal style and having no excuses to do better


Greg: "I've been to the harvest. I've been to the label people. The cork. I went through the whole process. I know it from top to bottom. I know how it's made. I know how it's harvest. I know what I like. I know what we put in it."

Greg: "I think my palate and my choice of beverages have changed and I think more African-American young males are drinking wine now. I think we're in that business realm, so to speak, and we're executives, we're sitting in different tables and different spaces and we evolved."

Greg: "Change is good and I think we have grown and I think we're thinking different now. We're thinking about the larger picture. We're thinking about, it's not just let's get rich and have our posse and this and that. We're trying to make executive and business decisions now on our own stuff."

Greg: "There was no excuses at my house and she didn't want to hear it. Play better. Do better. But do not, do not, do not come here with any excuses or attitudes. Check all that at the door."

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