What To Do If You Feel Disillusioned With Your Business

Last week I spoke to client who’s been trying to get the online side of her coaching business up and running for sometime.

We’ve done well to build up her in person work, but her online work just wasn’t having the same impact.

We worked through the following tips and she’s already taking action on them- I spotted one of her tester posts this morning on Instagram, I can’t wait to find out the results

The real plus point- so far she hasn’t had to spend any money or create anything new, just testing the water at this stage to see how much interest or demand there is out there for the offer we will create.

So what did we work through?


Step 1 - figure out what’s driving how you feel

We all have ‘off’ days, but if you end up having more off days than ‘on days’ then it’s probably time for a rethink - after all you didn’t start a business to make yourself miserable did you?!

Step 2- explore what you can do about it

You don’t have to start with the ‘if you could do anything what would it be’ cliche, instead think through your recent work, what elements got you excited or did you enjoy most, who is your favourite customer and why - it’s amazing to see how people light up when you get onto these subjects. If you can talk it through with a friend, they will more than likely spot what gets you all excited just by your body language!

Step 3 - take action- test opportunities available

What demand is out there for what you would like to offer (you don’t need to know the fine detail at this stage just an overview will do) how many people in your current world fit your ideal customer description and who is currently helping them? (Ie who’s your potential competition)

Step 4- use info obtained to make an informed decision

Once you have put out some posts, reached out to potential customer or whatever else you decide to do in step 3 what are the results telling you?

If you’ve got any questions then reach out - I’m always happy to support as much as I can. To get your hands on you offer creation guide just email me on the address below.

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