Using Data as a Springboard for Improvement with Peter Kazanjy

This episode of the Live Better Seller Better Podcast features Peter Kazanjy, Cofounder of Atrium. There's always some hesitancy when describing SaaS as a numbers game even when, boiling it all down, it actually is. However, we should never forget that behind every number is a person, process, and skill!

Peter talks about the challenges most organizations face when it comes to using data to improve individual performance. He talks about how leaders can identify the essential numbers and change these to get the best results in the short and long term.


  • What's holding companies back when it comes to leveraging data
  • The key metrics a revenue org should be tracking
  • How to work with data to make improvements
  • Creating a data-driven org


Peter on the demographics of data-use: "Oftentimes the younger managers who came up with Fitbit or Peloton or what have you are way more open to this and way more data native. Then you have the older folks who are like 'okay, I gotta get on the train' so it's just a process."

A balance between quantity and quality metrics: "There's quality metrics and oftentimes people want more volume, more activity, etc. But success in sales is all about a high quantity of high-quality selling behavior."

Peter on having the coaching conversation: "It's not hard for old folks like you and me because we've been doing it forever but it's tough for some folks and if they don't have the muscle then the behaviors are not going to change. And if the behavior's not going to change, then the outputs are not going to change."

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