Understanding Natural Hair with Keziah Dhamma

Hair comes in all shapes and sizes, and we all love changing our hairstyles to fit our mood and vibe. But for Black women it is not only a form of expression, it is identity and culture. In this episode of the Get Loved podcast, Koya talks to Keziah Dhamma, author of the SwirlyCurly Method. Keziah shares her early childhood struggles with her hair, and how she eventually learned to appreciate and take care of her natural curls, the SwirlyCurly way.


Keziah Dhamma is the founder of SwirlyCurly, CurlCollege & the author of The SwirlyCurly Method. The EASY Step by Step Guide to Getting The Natural Curls You Love! Since 2014, Keziah has helped over 200,000 curly haired women get beautifully long, moisturized, healthy curls in less time and with less effort.

To get a free copy of Keziah's book, text "BOOK" to 833 589 1362. Use the coupon code KOYA15 to get 15% off of products at the SwirlyCurly store.

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04:24 Keziah's childhood struggles with her hair

12:07 The search for better hair solutions

16:38 The 4 different ways to categorize your hair

21:51 The SwirlyCurly Method

28:03 Curly hair is all about moisture

28:51 Do away with these 4 myths to hair care

39:21 Tips for taking care of your edges


13:08 Keziah: "It was really through my own frustration and my own unhappiness with my own hairs that led me into learning about natural curly hair and just all the things about it."

15:13 Keziah: "Even when my hear was in a 'fro, I was twisting it, I was still trying to straighten it, you know, elongate it, just trying to do all this stuff to it. I was like I'm just not gonna do that anymore, and I'm just committing to taking care of my hair. Once I did that, everything changed for me. The way I saw myself, the way I looked in pictures, the way people complimented me, just the way it came to my wash day was a lot easier. Everything changed."

22:31 Keziah: "If we're putting all these products on our hair and a lot of them do have chemicals in them, it needs to be washed out of your hair so your hair can have a break and a refresh."

28:03 Keziah: "When it comes to curly hair, the culprit of everything is moisture. If you can't have moisture, then you're not gonna have defined curls. You're gonna have frizz, you can't retain length, your hair is gonna be breaking off, it's gonna be harder to detangle and style."

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