The 3-Step Process of Show Marketing with Kap Chatfield

This episode of the In The Club Podcast by Club Colors features Kap Chatfield, CEO at Rveal Media. CEOs are their organizations' lead content creators. Kap shares how they do it and their 3-step pattern for creating their Show Marketing: identify your objective, define your buyer persona, and create a premise or narrative structure. He also shares how to overcome the product-market fit dilemma and how God is his North Star.  


  • CEOs are the chief content creators of the company
  • Show Marketing: Objective, Buyer Persona, Premise
  • A pattern for narrative structure and Kap's big vision
  • Product-market fit is the biggest obstacle
  • Encountering God: Jesus established relationship, not religion


CEOs drive vision Kap: "The buck stops with you when it comes to casting vision. If you don't cast the vision, the organization falls apart. Who are they going to follow? You can't outsource vision."

The three steps of Show Marketing Kap: "You have your North Star, the goal, you have your audience, the premise is then basically the story, the narrative, that connects that person to that thing that they want which drives them towards the business objective that you want."

Kap's North Star is God Kap: "The first fruits of my day, I commit to prayer. Either I will go around the block and walk around the block and just talk, talk to my Father in heaven and just have a conversation with Him. Reading the Word."

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