The 100th Episode with Jordan Benjamin

If life is a marathon, then we need to figure out how to be efficient in how we can best set and accomplish our goals. In this 100th episode of the Peak Performance Selling podcast, Jordan invites us to reflect on the meaning of success, and what we are willing to do to ensure that we are in the position to show up everyday, fully and authentically. Jordan also shares his favorite takeaways from the past 99 episodes and the lessons he learned from talking to his favorite guests.


  • A moment of reflection
  • Who you are is not who you will always be
  • Sales is a profession for all
  • Use your pain to drive you forward
  • Success is about the freedom to live your life
  • Life is a marathon


Jordan: "Realize that your own story, regardless of your background, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, skin color — does not matter. Because sales is a profession for all humans from all walks of life."

Jordan: "Your perspective and how you define your own story, your own challenges, are what help you drive forward. Leverage those times you get told no, those failures, those setbacks, but turn it into a positive story that is empowering, that gives you that challenge to say I can overcome, I can do this. I will believe in myself."

Jordan: "So many of us in the working world have had to hide behind a facade. They talk a lot about stress, depression, anxiety being when our actions are not in alignment with our values as humans. And so thinking, how can you put yourself in a position to be able to show up fully, authentically, and wholly?"

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