Success Is A Marathon with Cedric Pech

Everyone has their own definition of success. But for MongoDB’s Chief Revenue Officer Cedric Pech, the journey towards achieving it, the self-improvements you make, and the lessons learned along the way may prove to be more important than the destination itself. In this episode of the Revenue Builders podcast, our hosts John McMahon and John Kaplan talk to Cedric about his career, and his thoughts on leadership, purpose, and success.

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Slow Success vs. Fast Success

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It's about the journey, not the destination

Details are where the consequences lie

Leaders have to take care of themselves too


Cedric Pech is the current Chief Revenue Officer for MondoDB. He joined MongoDB to lead Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) sales in July 2017, and since that time has rapidly increased the size of the team, expanded into new markets, implemented a new process that has measurably increased sales productivity and has driven exceptional growth.

With more than 20 years of sales leadership experience, Cedric has a track record of building high-performance sales organizations that deliver strong and consistent results. Prior to MongoDB, he led worldwide sales at Fuze, an enterprise global cloud communications and collaboration software platform. He has also held senior sales leadership roles for four different software companies, including three publicly traded companies: BladeLogic, BMC, and BazaarVoice.


Cedric on finding your purpose: "I think it starts from you. There's a moment where you wake up in the morning and it's so hard that you ask yourself, why am I doing what I'm doing? And the moment you stop asking that, then you start to dig into yourself and do some introspection to come up with answers."

John McMahon on retaining employees: "When people understand the why, they can handle the how."

Cedric's advice for sellers: "Be patient and work on your craft. Don't cut corners and don't go after the next promotion or after short-term money but really work on your foundations. This is a marathon."

Why Cedric says you shouldn't rush success: "Slow success builds character and fast success builds ego."

Cedric on which things cannot be sacrificed for the sake of 'winning': "We are going to win, but not at any cost. And the line that we are going to draw is the line where people get hurt in their families, their health or their personal balance."

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