Social Legacy — Building a Better World with Emily Chang

This is the inaugural episode of The Wayfinders Podcast with Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey. She features Emily Chang, CEO of McCann Worldgroup in China and author of the Amazon best-seller The Spare Room.

Emily shares that her social legacy is leaving the world better than when she found it. She tells the story of how when she was in college working 3 jobs she took in a 16-year-old prostitute and helped her get back on her feet.

Emily also tells the story of Teo, a baby with hydrocephalus who was practically left for dead, and how she and her family quite literally brought him back to life. Emily's values of philanthropy and humility not only shine in her personal life but also helps her become a highly successful executive in her work life.

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  • Bridging cultures: Growing up Chinese-American
  • Go broad: Learn what you like and don't like and ask for help
  • The Spare Room: Help people today and build your social legacy
  • Bringing Teo back to life
  • Humility and leaving things better than you found them


Emily: "I think going broad is one of the best things we can do because we can start learning the environment, the types of bosses, the types of industries and the size of company, the company culture, the context in which we thrive. And a lot of times you're not going to nail right away, this is it, but slowly."

Emily: "There are times where I didn't know what to do and I would just look around and try and figure out who seemed the most adept at what I was not good at and just reaching out and saying, hey, can I buy you a coffee? Can you teach me? I think people are more willing to help than we expect."

Emily: "I think that was what my childhood was growing up, constantly trying to figure things out and always feeling humbled. Always feeling not good enough, not successful enough. Not in a negative way but truly just in a humbling, I'm very small in a very big world kind of way."

Emily: "We just have to take that first step and the whole thing sort of opens up or blossoms in a way you can't even imagine and you look and you think, I can't have imagined life without her."

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