SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND! The Story Of Loss, Healing, and Growth of The GEMS Podcast Host, Genesis Amaris Kemp

Everyone has a story, but only a few have real GEMS, and one of those few is Genesis Amaris Kemp. Genesis is the creator and host of the GEMS Podcast, a show that discusses real topics with real people,  no fluff, just pure transparent stories. By starting her podcast over her phone while carrying the grief of losing someone dear, Genesis has started a journey of healing herself and eventually sharing stories of healing and resilience from her guests. Tune in and learn more about her in the latest episode of Revenue & Resilience.


  • Introducing Genesis Amaris Kemp
  • Starting her coaching career
  • Starting GEMS to deal with grief
  • The power of collaboration
  • The greatest thing about podcasting
  • Dealing with a world of filters
  • Genesis' advice on taking the first step


Genesis starting her coaching career: “If I could do it for someone else's business, why not do it for myself. So that is what led me to go into the coaching scheme.”

Genesis on her skills in the pod: “Just seeing myself transition between various roles, I can have conversations with various people to really bridge the gap with diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.”

Genesis on being hungry for what you want: “No one is going to give you anything on a silver platter, you really have to be hungry and know what you want.”

Genesis’ takeaways from the pod: “One of the great things of seeing is that lives have been touched, whether it's by the book or by the podcasters, hearing that other people resonate with the content.”

Genesis on a world of filters: “Everywhere you look, there's some frickin filter. And I'm like, you weren't born to be filtered, you were born to be unique. So if I could do that, and just change one life, like you never know who that person is going to go on and impact.”

Find out more about Genesis and what are the things she’s busy with!

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