Rosé—The Wine for All Occasions with Anani Lawson

This episode of The Urban Vino Podcast with Jena Domingue features resident sommelier Anani Lawson. Rosé is a highly popular wine and there is a world of information on its origins and the different ways you can enjoy it.

Anani breaks down the profile of rosé, where it comes from, as well as its expected fresh flavors and characteristics. He also discusses the various ways you can enjoy rosé like making it sweeter or using it as a vehicle for cocktails like a mimosa.

He discusses some recommended pairings, reasonable price points, and more exotic bottle recommendations. Anani also talks about the vintage of rosé and how, unlike other wines, the preferred rosé is younger to exude its rose and citrus notes.


  • The ideal grapes to create rosé
  • Personalize your rosé: Make it sweet or a cocktail  
  • Pair your rosé with light and heavy flavors
  • Expected price points and bottle recommendations


Anani: "Ironically, the younger the wine, the better because we're seeking a wine that exudes a lot of freshness, a wine that's lively. Those characters we're talking about, the freshness, the liveliness, the rose petal essences, the strawberry notes, the citrus notes would be more pronounced."

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