OPPOSITES ATTRACT: Aligning Marketing and Sales as one Successful Team with Patrick Beckerton

Today, in another episode of the Level Up Show, Edward Purmalis welcomes Patrick Beckerton, a sports fanatic and the VP of Marketing and Sales for Cheeky Monkey Media. Patrick will be sharing his personal sales background and his experience in moving between sales and marketing and learning what it takes to align and be successful with both.


  • Patrick's sales background
  • The worst sales habits
  • Desperation: Every seller's enemy
  • Sales and Marketing alignment
  • The Tactic to Enter marketing
  • Moving careers


Patrick: “There's that desperation to make a sale to try and do anything you can do to turn a prospect into a buyer or to keep a customer.”

Patrick: “Having the knowledge of both sides has really helped me bridge a lot of that communication gap.”

Patrick: “I think until you're actually in there, on the frontlines doing it, seeing the different strategies that come into play. It's tough.”

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