Live Better Sell Better July Highlights

This episode of the Live Better Sell Better Podcast recaps the best moments from our guests for the month of July. We tackle several amazing topics including getting more done in less time, entering the world of cryptocurrency, proving your value when times are tough, building good habits through wellness practices, doing coaching conversations, and much more!


  • Ian Koniak, Dean of Enterprise Sales School for Pavilion and the Founder and President of Ian Koniak Sales Coaching Inc.
  • Josh Rhodes, Founder of Crypto Ya'll
  • Jonathan Mahan, Co-Founder of The Practice Lab
  • Brandon Lee, Founder and CEO of FunnelAmplified
  • Sahil Mansuri, CEO of Bravado
  • JR Butler, Founder and CEO of Shift Group
  • Peter Kazanjy, Co-Founder of Atrium

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