It's Your Time to Get to Know God with Mary Anne Jacobs

This episode of the Living a Better Story Podcast features Mary Anne Jacobs, CEO of Girl Scouts of Gateway Council. She provides deep insight on having faith during our toughest times and learning to look back at what God has provided.

Mary Anne shares about losing her son because of their babysitter's actions and praying all throughout that tremulous time. She also talks about working in a male-dominated field and using that experience to build and empower the women she now works with day to day.


  • How people get through tough times with God
  • The tragedy of losing their son
  • Having a mustard seed of faith
  • Using her experience of working in a male-dominated field


Mary Anne on looking back and feeling God's presence: "I always share with particularly women, if you look in the rear-view mirror, look over your left shoulder. You'll see that He was with you all the time."

Mary Anne's insight on understanding God's timing: "God uses every aspect of your life to draw Him closer to you. And then you really fully understand the peaks and you know that you're not walking alone."

Mary Anne on a time God undeniably showed up: "When I was finished, I just started laughing because I was in this zone of God. And He laughed with me and it was a joyous laugh. Like I was so excited I did this and this would have had to be God."

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