IT FLOWS IN YOU: The Art Of Letting Go And Journeying With The Flow With Eric Bauberger

Surrender and just go with the flow, this is the atmosphere that Eric Bauberger brings in this latest edition of Revenue & Resilience. Eric is a man of music and creativity on one hand, and a trainer for strength and conditioning on the other, but his best profession is being a life coach. Tune in to this episode and learn more about Eric as Rodney Hu unpacks the secrets to his life and breakthroughs.


  • Who is Eric Bauberger
  • The pursuit of strengthening and conditioning
  • Surrendering the physical form
  • Let go while finding reasons to be grateful
  • Who will benefit from a life coach
  • It's all about the flow
  • Eric's advice to his 20-year-old self


Eric: “I was torn between this creative, artistic side of myself and this kind of jock, this person that wanted to succeed and win.”

Eric: “I also knew that if I were to maintain an attitude of gratitude, I could, I could influence the situation, or I can influence the way that I saw what was available to me and I could navigate most effectively if I kept a positive mindset.”

Eric: “When I surrender, it opens me up to this what became a very graceful and beautiful experience rather than something very traumatic, horrible, or tragic.”

Eric: “Slow down and enjoy the moment. I was always so in the future, so anticipating. I would just tell him, he's enough to keep following his excitement, and to take it easy along the way.”

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