INTO THE WOODS: Journey Into Gary Wood’s World Of Supply Chain Analytics

With over 30 years of experience, Gary Wood has been a trailblazer in the supply chain industry, and he is in the pod with the boys, Rob and Wilton, to share his wisdom. Tune in and enjoy learning about how analytics and automation have helped Gary very well in his career in Supply Chain, here in the latest episode of The RPA Show.


  • Gary Wood: Evolved in supply chain
  • Volunteering that turned into a promotion
  • Learning from a whole slew of mistakes
  • The biggest problem that Gary solves
  • Gary's best piece of business advice


03:19 Gary’s first taste of automation:

“I volunteered, we got the inventory up on the computer took us about four months to get everything organized, all the rest of that and they made me inventory manager.”

08:04 How Gary’s discovered his purpose:

“Learning from those mistakes, you know, doing things and trying things, and then learning from those, you know, efforts, whether they're successful, or they're not, they're still learning that goes on, and I think that's part of my purpose.”

09:51 Gary on being agile all the time:

“There are so many things that are happening that you don't plan for, you got to be agile.”

09:57 Rob on the need for flexibility:

“You have to be flexible. cannot be rigid or you will break, have some flexibility allows you to bend.”

26:28 Gary’s best pieces of advice:

“Number one, go slow. Number two, simple is better than complicated complex. Number three, use Wood’s rule, and number four, have a roadmap.”

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