I Know! Can You Believe It? Listener Question: How Do I Get Over The Frustration and Anger I Have About A Deal I Just Lost?

Deals fall apart all the time, but that doesn't mean they hurt any less. In this episode of the No BS Sales School, Walker talks about getting over the frustration of losing a deal, and making sure that your pipeline is healthy enough to cushion the impact. As long as you're setting more appointments with the correct mindset, you'll probably be just fine.


  • Sellers lose deals all the time
  • Have a two minute funeral
  • Fix your pipeline by setting more appointments
  • Be a gracious loser
  • Be there to learn, not to sell


Walker's advice for whenever you lose a sale: "If you lose a sale and it hurts, have a two-minute funeral. Go wherever you need to go to be by yourself, maybe in your car or wherever else. And if you want to scream and cry and beat the steering wheel and bitch and moan and whine for two minutes: go do it. Get it out of the way. Let it go. Bury it. Then move one."

Walker on the reason why losing one deal can be catastrophic: "Whenever you lose a deal that you were counting on and it ruins your day, and then just attempts to ruin your week or more, the problem was not with that deal. The problem is usually with your pipeline. The problem is you don't have enough going on."

Walker's advice for setting sales appointments: "Don't go into those sales appointments to go sell people stuff. You're doing it wrong. Go into those sales appointments with the idea that you are going to learn."

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