How To Use LinkedIn Properly with Lindsey McMillion Stemann

Most people know that LinkedIn is a powerful tool to find, connect, and engage with your prospect clients. What most people miss is how to do it in a way that actually gets you results. In this episode, Walker talks to LinkedIn expert and the founder and Principalof McMillion Consulting, Lindsy McMillion Stemann to reveal how she actually uses the platform, and how you can replicate her success.


  • An unlikely friendship
  • LinkedIn is not a magic bullet
  • Lindsey's sales journey and how she found LinkedIn
  • Automation can be helpful when used correctly
  • Your prospects can tell that you're using a bot
  • Your audience doesn't care about you yet
  • Don't forget your follow-ups
  • Tips for the kind of content that you should be posting


Lindsey on what LinkedIn really is for: "It's just keeping in mind that LinkedIn is just a tool. It's an entry point for conversation. I would have to say that anyone who I've worked with in the last almost 10 years, doing what I've been doing: the goal is to get offline, schedule the zoom meeting or the phone call or the in-person meeting. I've seen more and more often people forgetting that."

Lindsey on the pitfalls of automation in LinkedIn outreach: "I don't want to go down the whole path of talking about automation and all that. But I do think when automation is used well, it can be an additive and a helpful tool. But I see so many people using it the wrong way and abusing it and assuming that it is the only way to get those appointments on the calendar."

Walker on the negative effects of using a bot for your outreach: "We on the receiving end, we can tell when it's a bot. We know when it's not sincere. And so we go back to that person, if we do at all with an insincere response back. You give what you get."

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