How To Sell With Love with Jason Marc Campbell

In this episode of the Foundations podcast, Chris talks to author and fellow podcaster, Jason Marc Campbell. Jason shares the story of how he convinced his former employer to do remote work in exchange for a hefty pay cut, but continued to provide so much value that he made up for it anyway. He also talks about selling with love, and why you need to be clear on your purpose and the kind of impact that you're trying to make as a seller.

About Jason Marc Campbell

Jason Marc Campbell is the host of the Selling with Love podcast, previously known as Superhumans at Work. He also wrote a book titled Selling with Love: Earn with Integrity and Expand Your Impact, which is designed to shift your way of thinking about sales, unlocking your ability to further your mission without hesitation and without compromise.

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About Christopher Decker

Chris is the CEO co-founder of Salescast, a provider of revenue-first podcasts for entrepreneurs and sales leaders. Along with his co-founder Collin Mitchell, Chris helps business leaders and entrepreneurs find an audience and generate unlimited demand.

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