How to Earn Enough So You Don’t Have To Earn Anymore with Nigel Green

Balancing the time and resources we spend on trying to earn a living versus that which we devote to our personal lives is always a challenge. However, it's important that we reassess this balance once in a while to ensure that we are able to live a life and build genuine relationships outside of business or work.

In this episode of the Foundations podcast, sales consultant and author Nigel Green talks to Chris about the ways that he is working towards a goal that he set for himself: to have his passive income outperform his consultancy business and put him "out of work."

About Nigel Green

Nigel Green is the host of the Revenue Harvest podcast. He also wrote a book titled Revenue Harvest: A Sales Leader's Almanac for Planning the Perfect Year that aims to provide sales leaders with a proven, time-tested method you can rely on to create sustained sales growth, regardless of circumstances.

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About Christopher Decker

Chris is the CEO co-founder of Salescast, a provider of revenue-first podcasts for entrepreneurs and sales leaders. Along with his co-founder Collin Mitchell, Chris helps business leaders and entrepreneurs find an audience and generate unlimited demand.

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