HIGH FIVE! Big Wins And The Top 5 Benefits Of Rpa With Rob Howze And Wilton Rogers

It’s a great time to bring great news! Rob Howze and Wilton Rogers are coming in hot to deliver you some breaking news about RPA and Simply Automate in this latest episode of The RPA Show. The boys will be talking about the recent successes of Simply Automate and the Top 5 benefits of RPA to your business. So if you are looking into implementing RPA in your business, you better tune in!


  • RPA on cloud nine
  • Keep staying on course
  • Top 5 Benefits of RPA
  • Increased Productivity
  • Save Time
  • Better Accuracy
  • Higher Compliance
  • Better Customer Service


04:02 Wilton: “We stayed on course, and that ax got sharper and sharper, and now we just take a couple of chops, those shoes are coming down.”

04:50 Rob: “With the right technology, now you can literally optimize and maximize your opportunities and possibilities.”

11:34 Wilton: “Not only are you saving time, but you're able to put that time somewhere completely different, which will give you more value that will allow you to be more visual in the company.”

14:09 Rob: “The thing that you get with automation, is that you can set the rules, you can have the logic built into the rules that are working for you, and now all the things you need to get done. They're all happening without you having to think about it.”

19:10 Wilton: “A team of people that are doing these repetitive, mundane database type processes, they help the company run, not grow. So if you can automate the things that can help a company run, it can focus on the growth.”

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