Great Leaders Are Great Coaches with John Mosley, Jr.

In this episode of the Revenue Builders podcast, John Kaplan and John McMahon talk to John Mosley, Jr., Head Men's Basketball Coach at East Los Angeles College. Mosley and the story of their Huskies basketball program are covered in the popular Netflix series Last Chance U: Basketball. Mosley shares his strategies for leading even the most difficult teams successfully, focusing on relationship building and leading by example. He concludes that if you can make a sincere impact on one person’s life and career, the chain reaction benefits many others.

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Behind the scenes of Netflix’s 'Last Chance University'

Why great leaders are great coaches

Ditch the playbook and meet your team where they are

Speech is silver, silence is golden

To lead people is to carry their burden for them

Rules without relationship equals rebellion


Kaplan: "We believe great leaders are great coaches, and they have the ability to meet kids wherever they're at and understand their story."

Mosley: "In leadership, you direct behavior. In order to direct behavior in leadership, I think you have to have that personal relationship. And when you go down and you have those personal relationships and you live out, I think it's important to live out the burdens with these young men. That's what I'm called to do."

Mosley: "Whenever I see a young man or anybody who didn't want to listen to me, even little kids. It works on little babies. You think of a five-year old and you say, hey, sit down and do this. It won't sit down. You take a five-year-old and before you tell him to sit down, you say, hey, you like this color? What's your favorite color? What do you like to eat? And then you tell the five-year-old, hey, have a seat here. Guess what, they're gonna go sit down."

Kaplan: "Do not confuse the coach's kindness with weakness."

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