Get To Know Your Hosts

This is the inaugural episode of The RevOps Connection brought to you by the Carabiner Group. Chris Decker joins as today's guest host as he introduces your hosts Cliff Simon and Amelia Taylor, as well as explores the podcast's mission of spreading RevOps knowledge among the community. Cliff and Amelia share the biggest questions they are asked about RevOps including company audits and how to align a company's departments with better communication. Now that RevOps has become a goal for many companies, Cliff and Amelia want to provide practitioners the tools they need to thrive and ultimately become successful.


  • Meet Cliff and Amelia and their goal to create RevOps content for the community
  • Carabiner Group: A RevOps as a service consultancy
  • Bridge the communication gap between departments to level up
  • Empower audiences with the RevOps tools they need to be successful


Cliff: "Our desire's to be able to continue bringing learning and knowledge to the RevOps community. There's not a lot of content out there. I think that's the number one complaint I'm constantly hearing from our clients and from my friends in the industry is that, where do I go to learn more about subject A, B, or C?"

Amelia: "How do people handle RevOps? Who does it? So I guess that's a big question for people. Really all of it is just who handles RevOps? What does RevOps do? Is this a marketing or sales alignment thing? What is this? So explaining all that and really ensuring that our audience understands what RevOps is."

Cliff: "They're hearing it from their VCs, they're hearing it from their boards, they're hearing it from their C-suite. So giving people the tools and the thought processes that they are going to have, gosh, that they're going to have to have to be able to be successful is what we're trying to do."

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