Episode 9 - THE "RESPONSIVE AGENCY": A Conversation with Ben Prager, CEO of Prager Creative

Show Highlights:

  • Ben's journey to creative operations
  • Changes in client-agency relationships
  • Creativity and flexibility getting harder
  • Finding "shapeshifting" talents
  • Brand integrity, consistency, adaptability


What Kevin sees in clients nowadays: “The client, these days, at least, what we hear a lot, is the client is starting to clamp down on budgets and creating tighter and tighter boxes into which that creative product has to fit.”

Ben on the scalability of the agency model: “When you have an agency model like this, and that relationship is good, and you're delivering quality and delivering on your promise, when people invest or companies invest in one type of marketing that generally naturally expands.”

How Ben picks the right talent: “I always try it what is what seems I would say, comes across as great talent or who could be, is usually someone with a diverse background, who has done multiple things at multiple different agencies.”

How important is brand consistency according to Ben: “Brand consistency is, I would say, more critical than ever, but what has to be considered and it's a big consideration and should be thought about all the time. How do you keep that fresh and adaptable for all those places that your brand has to be consistent in?”

Connect with Ben and find out more about his work:

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