Episode 8 - It’s been a DAM Journey! Frank DeCarlo On DAM Champions, DAM Investments, And DAM Best Practices

Show Highlights:

  • Frank's DAM Journey
  • Continuous DAM growth
  • The costs involved in DAM implementation
  • Must have DAM Champions
  • Asset reuse for return on investment


Frank: “DAM is never finished, right. It's a living, breathing thing that changes, as companies change and evolve.”

Frank: “There certainly are out of the box functionality that work really well. It has everything that you need and still some still need or require things to be customized. You need to, I guess, pick your poison. You pay for it one way or the other, whether it's in costs, right? Time or level of effort, right? You're gonna be married to this DAM system hopefully for a while.”

Frank: “You can have the best DAM system on the planet. But if you still can't find what you're looking for, because the person is searching for it in a different jargon or a different way, and that's not encompassed in the schema or sitting down and figuring out what's important for that company, then it's useless.”

Frank: “The system is a platform for realizing the decisions that they've made about how to organize and how to provide access to the assets.”

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