Episode 102 - THE FIRST AVENGER: Michael Trott Is Back In The Fearless Mindset Pod (Part 1)

As The Fearless Mindset Podcast hits over 100 episodes, things go full circle as Mark Ledlow welcomes his first-ever guest in the pod, Michael Trott. Mike, as Mark calls him, is the Head of Security in the Discovery Land Company, and the author of “The Protected”. Mike shares his journey from going through transitions to his biggest takeaways in his career in executive protection, and his fair share of advice to the next generation.


  • Michael Trott is back!
  • Mike's new exciting project
  • Biggest takeaways around the 40-year belt
  • Advice to the younger generation
  • Mike's take on the COVID situation now
  • Advice on security courses


Mike wants to try something different:

“For somebody who's been doing the same thing for 40 years in the security industry and military agency, it's nice to do something different for a while.”

Mike’s biggest takeaway:

“I shouldn't have tried so hard to take certain things with me and leave that and try to adapt to a new way, and I think that is something I've learned through all these different transitions.”

Mike’s advice to the next generation:

“I think to be an open mind and not afraid to try new things. You know, our industry has grown so fast over the last 30-40 years. Our skill sets have changed.”

Mike’s advice to the instructors:

“Try not to make it too high speed. I think when you break down an elementary course, it's important to focus on the fundamentals and not forget those.”

Connect with Mike and learn more about his work with the link below:

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