Episode 100 - A 24/7 BADASS: The Epic Journey Of The Fearless Eduardo Jany (Part 2)


It’s the second half of this 2-part series from the Fearless Mindset podcast, and today, Mark Ledlow is back with the fearless Eduardo Jany. Join Ed as he talks about connecting with your spiritual side, applying leadership in the corporate world, and the need for articulation skills.


  • Connect to your spiritual side
  • Always have a dose of fitness
  • Military leadership in the corporate setup
  • Deal with it right away
  • The biggest risk to face
  • The need for skillful articulation


Eduardo: “you got to reach out to somebody don't feel like you have to go it alone, you have to connect with that spiritual side.

Eduardo: “Your leadership style has to be very malleable because each organization is a little bit different.”

Eduardo: “Military leadership skills definitely translate very well into the corporate world. I think the corporate world actually values it very much.”

Eduardo: “I saw it come up, and I answer it right away, don't sit on stuff, and that's something we learned in the military to when you get something fraction, you go and deal with it right away.”

Eduardo: “Being able to articulate why you did something and how you're doing something, or how to plan something is a huge skill.”

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