Episode 10 - FROM PRE-PRESS TO POST PANDEMIC: A Fly-By History of Creative-Production Technologies with Gary Ritkes

Show Highlights:

  • Gary's humble beginnings
  • The evolution of files and assets across the years
  • Let's talk MarTech
  • The end goals sought, and how to achieve
  • The shiny object problem and solution


What Gary sees in technology today:

“So much has progressed in technology, and believe it or not, the consumers, the people that are buying services from you and the outputs the print that might be associated with it, it's not so much about that individual piece and the quality of that piece or the entire job.”

Gary on the rise of digital representation:

“I think we've come to an age where a digital representation on the screen uses workflow and collaboration tools to create these assets, and then to prove these assets are becoming the norm of everything that we want to work on.”

Gary on the alignment of creative operations and technology:

“It was great to see how we could help these creative operations evolve, and there were so many folks in the ad agencies and within these creative departments that were so interested in technology, but the technology needed to catch up to where they wanted it to be.”

Gary on how to handle a shiny object problem:

“It comes back to a strong team, understanding budget, understanding where you want to get to, and then looking at what is going to satisfy what you need.”

Gary on the shiny object problem:

“To me, the real shiny object right now is open architecture and integrations.”

Connect with Gary and find out more about his work:

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