Ep 42: Rookies Win Championships Too with Blake Hudson

This episode of Sales Career Podcast with Kevin Hopp features Blake Hudson, SDR Manager at Tapcart. The skill of listening is one of the most important skills a seller must have. This became even more apparent during the pandemic which proved to be the biggest obstacle in Blake's sales career.

He shares how he discovered the Gratitude Gap during this time and how it led away from frustration and instead into happiness. Blake also talks about the growth he experienced by getting let go, his advocacy for every seller to become accountable for their own mental health, and being a voice for others.


  • Blake's mission is to help SDRs find their vision, identity & purpose
  • Selling during the pandemic was the biggest challenge so far
  • The Gratitude Gap: Happiness is when gratitude creeps just above entitlement
  • Getting let go from re:work and learning accountability for mental health
  • Not knowing is the start of growing


A mission to help others find their purpose Blake: "My personal mission in life is to help people get clear about their identity, their practice, and purpose. Who they are, what they're doing, and why."

Listening is important in politics and sales Blake: That's where my background in politics really helped out because politics is also what I studied in school⁠—communication, political science⁠—learning how to speak the language of the audience that you're in front of, learning how to shut up and listen, ask a great question, and before you can even say anything, you got to understand where they're coming from."

The Gratitude Gap explained Blake: "Because that gratitude crept just above my entitlement, that gap was happiness. And for my teammates that remained entitled and that crept just above their gratitude, that was their frustration."

Blake's advice to sellers on the first day of the job Blake: "Not knowing is where you begin growing. I was selling fintech, remote finance and accounting, and Kevin, I didn't know a damn thing about remote finance or accounting. But my mindset was if I can learn how to sell this, I can sell anything. And so I had to become very comfortable early on with not knowing."

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