Ep 41: Tell Your Story—Get Vulnerable and Authentic on LinkedIn with Landon Meyer

This episode of Sales Career Podcast with Kevin Hopp features Landon Meyer, Founding Account Executive at Nooks. He shares the uphill battle he faced for not having a degree and recalls how selling shoes only for them to get returned and counting wins before they are sure shaped him to be street smart. He also talks about vulnerability and the need to tell your story on LinkedIn to move forward in your career.


  • The lack of a degree taught Landon to be street smart
  • Learning the hard way: Don't celebrate before a deal is sure
  • Being authentic on LinkedIn led to an offer from Nooks
  • Do your best and make shit happen for yourself


Attitude is the only thing you can control in sales: Landon "Dude, there's so much shit in sales you just can't control, like joining a series A startup or a seed startup and there's no processes in place, and people don't want to buy because you're new and you're not established. All these things, I can't control. All I can control is the attitude and effort that I'm going to put forward and come to play ball."

Landon misses a crucial recruitment opportunity to become salaried Landon: "You can be a victim of your circumstances and be all like, oh, poor me. He never told me he was interviewing with anyone. I'll be like, hey, it was your process that had no structure. You didn't ask for anything. There was no accountability. You didn't even know he was interviewing anywhere else. That's on you as a recruiter. So, that story sticks to me to this day."

Success on LinkedIn requires authenticity and vulnerability Landon: "I had to learn how to one, tell my story, and two, be vulnerable. I have to put things out there that I normally wouldn't tell someone. And that's fine but I had to get to that point where I post something and I just don't care what you think about me."

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