Ep 40: Get Creative When Prospecting on Social Media with Ollie Whitfield

This episode of Sales Career Podcast with Kevin Hopp features Ollie Whitfield, Growth Marketer at VanillaSoft and host of The 0 To 5 Million Podcast. There is a systematic way to prospect on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Ollie shares how some creativity and a lot of tenacity helped him excel in his sales jobs, as well as his almost obsessive way of seeking out people for specific career advice.  He also talks about how essential having a better work-life balance is in sales.


  • An apprenticeship in Facebook marketing led to sales
  • Learning to snipe prospects on social media
  • Strategies learned working for Tony Robbins
  • Create better work-life balance and leading others


Ollie on getting creative on social media prospecting: "He only went to this one chat and it was like 9 PM at night on Wednesdays to meet once a week. So I went to that knowing he'd be there because he's never anywhere else this guy. And we started talking. I engaged with him... a few times, with everybody else too, in the DM we got the appointment. It taught me things like that."

Ollie's exercise to reach the next level in your career: "I researched everything he did and all of his jobs, all of the content he did, speaking engagements, everything. Podcasts, you name it. I had a very specific question for him that only he could answer, no one else, and I would get him on the phone about that for half an hour. Next night, someone else."

Ollie on a future leadership role: "I really, badly, want to be at some point in my career a team leader. I don't care what the title is like CMO or VP, whatever that is, I don't care. But it's the coaching aspect that I've been there and I can offer you a perspective, a guidance, a way of doing it which you might not have thought about. I can stop you from failing because I've seen myself do that."

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