DOUBLE DATE: The RPA Boys And Brokerpreneurs Talk About Bridging Gaps And Transitions

It’s 2-on-2 as the boys, Rob and Wilton welcome the hosts of Brokerpreneur, Dr. Ben Spears, and Matt Vigh, co-owners of Project Boomerang.

This fearsome foursome will be talking about pushing the brokerage business beyond boundaries, bridging the gaps of the old and new ways, and the challenges of this transition. Jump in to this exciting episode and learn more with The RPA Show.


  • Get to know Dr. Ben and Mr. Matt
  • The struggle of brokers
  • Change and evolution have to come
  • Bridging the gaps
  • Why it's hard for managers to transition


09:57 Matt: “Some of them do things the same way that they grew up in the Business. And that's not what all of your staff wants to do, you got to be able to evolve, you got to change, you got to be able to look at it a little bit differently.”

11:48 Matt: “The biggest thing that we help them do is to identify those gaps, and pay attention to how to cross those gaps, how to get through those things.

12:57 Ben: “There's this gap between or the early adopters and the early majority. And that's, and that's where most businesses struggle, right, getting across that gap, to where most people are using their product or service.”

16:45 Matt: “Part of it is a little bit of his ego. Okay. Yep, part of it is money. Ben was making the money symbol there, part of it is absolutely money.”

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