Corporate Bro: Using Satire in Sales Leadership with Ross Pomerantz

This episode of the Revenue Harvest Podcast with Nigel Green features Ross Pomerantz, Founder and Chief Corpitalist at Corp Capital. Nigel uses satire in his content to comment on the prevalent bro culture of sales. He observes a need for change, from salespeople's motivations at the bottom to the hiring practices of sales leadership at the top. Ross envisions his company as the place to connect founders and CEOs who crush sales to the most talented salespeople who will continue this trend of success.


  • Fighting against toxic sales bro cultures with satire
  • Self-awareness to integrate diversity needs with sales leadership
  • Connecting rockstar CEOs with rockstar salespeople
  • Hire athletes and people who grind for sales roles


16:30 Ross: "As a salesperson, I want to be sold by a CEO. I want to work for someone who can sell. Especially if you're going to join an early-stage company, the top salespeople, the early salespeople, they're all founders. If you can't sell me on your company, on your vision, how am I going to go do that when it's your thing? It's your baby."

18:54 Ross: "I love sales because it is the great equalizer. I just do think that there are people that are better suited mentally to handle the task of sales, of which there is a lot of mental weight that goes into it. The wait room at 4 AM. You got to go hit someone. Someone's going to hit you on every single play."

19:23  Ross: "I would venture to guess there's studies that would say athletes are better suited for a sales role. But I think there's a lot of things that people overlook. I do think the service industry, I think retail. People who grind. That's who you want."

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