Clean Up Your Dashboard and Create Executive Presence with Tom Critchlow

This episode of the Revenue Harvest Podcast with Nigel Green features Tom Critchlow, a strategy consultant focusing on media companies and early to mid-stage startups with expertise in product and marketing strategy. He discusses how dashboards must treat input and output metrics differently and the importance of being transparent. He also talks about cleaning up data to display accurate data on the dashboard. Speaking to the c-suite and mid-management, he suggests strengthening your executive presence by taking a collaborative approach to diagnosing internal and external factors that affect output.


  • Measure input and output metrics differently on the dashboard
  • Diagnose internal processes and external pressures
  • Present metrics your CEO wants to see
  • Executive presence: Clean your data and be transparent in presenting it


07:15  Tom: "What are the activities and kind of projects and things that we're doing now that will move the needle tomorrow? And this is what Amazon calls input metrics. So these are things that are typically more directly under our control. Sales and revenue and things like that are not directly under our control. We work on projects that will hopefully move the needle on those and hopefully influence them."

08:22 Tom: "Most dashboards will be better off really focusing in on a small number of output metrics, and to each of those, two to three input metrics."

16:23 Tom: "A great dashboard will actually expose the data source to you. So a great dashboard will not only tell you this is the number of leads this month or the number of calls made or the number of pieces of content published or something like that, but they will actually connect that to a kind of you can click a thing and it will show you the data."

26:48 Tom: For us, SEO is three things. It's good product pages, it's producing more content every month, and it's doing good visual PR. You have to boil it down so that the CEO is like, 'Great, I understand what you need. There are three levers that we can pull and I can see that the product or image is not pulling that lever hard enough."

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