Buyer Enablement Creates Champions with Nate Nasralla

This episode of Quotaless features Nate Nasralla, Founder of The most important conversations buyers have during a sale happen internally. For this reason, Fluint was born to create champions within buying organizations and make sure that sellers get an accurate and relevant voice during these meetings.

At the center of this is the concept of buyer enablement. In contrast to sales enablement which makes sure sellers are armed with the right tools to sell well, buyer enablement creates an environment conducive for the sale to actually happen.

Nate also talks about his enterprise sales playbook, which he provides ungated and free of charge, and how to utilize languaging, or the ability to use your champions' words instead of your marketing team's to maximum effect.


  • Fluint as the solution to losing deals and finding champions
  • Offering an ungated playbook that adds value
  • Buyer enablement creates the environment for deals to happen
  • Defining champions, influencers, and coaches
  • Languaging: Frame requests around vernacular


Nate: "I'm a big believer that you need to earn the brain space that you are taking up in somebody else's day. And, for me, the best way to do that is just to help somebody."

Nate: "All of the moments that have the power to create or kill deals always happen in internal meetings, not sales meetings."

Nate: "When I think about the profile of a champion, there's incentive, like there's something in it for them. There's a personal win that's keeping them tied directly to the outcome of the deal. Second is influence. They have to be able to affect change or push for change to get the deal done. And then third, information."

Nate: "Languaging—the ability to frame a certain request around certain vernacular that others will resonate with in order to maximize the probability that that's approved. And, as a sales rep, you can language the sales process as well."

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