Breaking Free of Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin

Impostor syndrome can affect anyone, but it doesn’t have to define you. By acknowledging its existence and addressing its root causes, you take away much of its power. In this episode of the Get Loved Up podcast, Koya Webb talks to Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin, one of the foremost experts on Imposter Syndrome, to help us detect its early signs, what causes it, and how we can avoid being stifled by it.


Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin is a licensed psychologist and executive coach, with a focus on career advancement, leadership development and job transitions. She is a co-founder and partner of Dynamic Transitions Psychological Consulting, a career and executive coaching consultancy, where she works mostly with high potential managers and executives.

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02:00 Why Dr. Lisa focuses on Imposter Syndrome specifically

06:59 Signs you may be suffering from Imposter Syndrome

10:27 Why you need a community around you

13:13 You are not your thoughts

17:27 Stand in your power while sharing your vulnerability

27:18 Always consciously take care of yourself

33:48 Keep trying to find the therapy that fits you


05:25 Dr. Lisa: "When families focus on achievement as the only method of validation, you have to do something, achieve something, be something that's impressive in order to be recognized, and when you fail at that, the love is pulled away as like a punishment, you're not necessarily valuable unless you keep achieving. Those kinds of dynamics really do exacerbate the achievement component of Imposter Syndrome where we constantly feel we're in this rat race of achievement 'cause we're trying to prove we're worthy."

07:01 Dr. Lisa: "Imposter Syndrome is the experience when you're skilled, credentialed, competent, have experience, yet you haven't internalized that. As a result of not internalizing that, you then feel like you might be exposed as a fraud if you make a mistake or stumble in any way."

15:14 Dr. Lisa: "Perfectionism is death. Perfectionism is the death of opportunity of progress, of risk taking. It's a death of a lot of different things and if you're aiming toward perfection, you are losing so much in the process."

34:10 Dr. Lisa: "As a therapist I want to be present for you in whatever form, and some therapists are not like that. Some therapists are what we call tabula rasa, which is a blank late and you can't see what they feel like."

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