BE SECURED WITH TENACITY! A Crash Course On The Cybersecurity Business With Tenacity Co-Founder and CTO, Nick Lumsden

The Level Up Show brings you Nick Lumsden, Co-Founder and the CTO of Tenacity Cloud, a company dedicated to bringing security to your cloud assets. Nick is an early and growth-stage entrepreneur who has gotten to do some really cool stuff, all leading to Tenacity, where they solve the most persistent problems in securing technology.


  • How Nick got into tech
  • Experiencing failure in his early career
  • Starting Tenacity
  • The cybersecurity business
  • Setting the right priorities
  • New challenges faced


Edward: “Sometimes the first opportunity doesn't get you there. But everything that you'll learn from it is exactly the foundation that you need to get to that point afterward.”

Nick: “We were Yin and Yang, we are complete opposites, which I recommend for everybody in the world to find that person who is your opposite, but who you get along with and who you can talk very candidly and directly with.”

Nick: “The problem in cybersecurity, no matter how sophisticated the program is, no matter how much money you spend on the tools, no matter how big you build the team, if you don't get the foundation, which is making sure that the infrastructure on which your business and your application is running, making sure that secure, no matter what you put on top of it, you still got all these attack vectors.”

Nick: “You never gonna get time for all of the problems to be solved. So let's make sure we prioritize it, let's make sure we understand what we're getting for the time we're gonna invest in it.”

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