Be Genuine—How to Cold Call a Highly Targeted List, with Jim Duffy

Jim Duffy is the President of The Litigation Connection. His business is finding the best litigation lawyers that fit his client's very particular needs and niche. He walks through his research process which has dramatically increased his bookings and how to utilize this research during the actual cold call. Jim emphasizes the need to be genuine in developing a relationship and determining fit, rather than being salesy, as there is simply no need for it in his space.


Getting in front of litigation lawyers and having more conversations

Researching and creating a sub-persona beneath the persona within the ICP

Cold call success: Research, a calm demeanor, and genuineness


Researching niche litigation lawyers Jim: "I look at different keywords and then we take those keywords and we'll look at the left of that phrase, left of that keyword and the right of that keyword and pull those phrases together, and that creates this phrase that really is the phrase that matters because it really tells about what they do vis-à-vis what my client does."

Creating a story using talking points from outsourced research Jim: "As the phone's ringing, I'm looking at the notes I already have, he was... on the John Gotti trial, and then I'm looking all these other points, and then I'm scraping that also and putting in it as a tag. So it's almost like a story of all these disparate pieces of information and the person who's making the phone call has to have the ability to take those disparate points and put it into a sentence."

Calm demeanor versus fast talking on a call cold Jim: "I'm not saying that somebody who's high energy can't be successful but I think that the person that's receiving a call or talking to somebody doesn't want to speak to a fast talker or the one that seems like the Diamond Jim. They want to talk to somebody who's genuine and having a calm demeanor and having a good conversation about what the situation is all about."

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