All You Have To Do Is Ask with Bikram Mishra

This episode of the Living a Better Story Podcast features Bikram Mishra, CEO of Evolution Laboratories LLC. He shares how he was pulled into a string of scenarios that ended with him getting sentenced the maximum penalty, a consequence that didn't actually match the situation.

Bikram shares how this whole story progressed, from serving 12 years to learning the lessons throughout the whole experience, as well as dwelling in God's presence all throughout the journey.


  • Introducing Evolution Laboratories
  • The worst 15 seconds of Bikram's life
  • Serving 12 years and the lessons learned
  • Feeling God's forgiveness of our past, present, and future sins


Bikram: "It's rough because broken people are the ones that need a listening ear and compassion, but we're also the hardest to deal with because we're broken and we've admitted that and accepted it. A lot of people are still living in a facade where everything's fine and they're superficial. But, no judgment, I was there and I would happen to be like that if I'm not careful."

Bikram: "That's the hardest part of it. Waiting gives that sinful flesh part of us the opportunity to just get up in there and really sink its teeth into us. And the Spirit is there guiding us patiently, saying 'God is with you' and to have faith in the process."

Bikram: "God obviously has the component to deal with humans that involves us being away for a long period of time before we're actually fit for the service that he wants us to do."

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