AI Helps Reps Handle Moments Better with Howard Brown

This episode of Quotaless features Howard Brown, a four-time entrepreneur, former clinical psychologist, and Founder & CEO at He discusses the synergistic effect of applying machine learning to sales processes. Their technology takes the best moments from actual interactions and applies them to future engagements.

This has revolutionary effects, from reducing onboarding time by 72% to recognizing patterns in dealing with specific people to matching people based on personality traits. This streamlining helps reps to get set up for success and ultimately gives back people’s time to them.


  • Rediscovering the power of face to face interactions
  • Helping reps in the moment with augmented intelligence
  • Drastically reducing companies' onboarding time
  • The efficiency of machine learning gives people back their time


Howard: "The best salespeople I know, they're helpers not unlike a therapist. They are problem solvers. They try their very best to connect people, bring solutions, and be helpful where possible. And they are incredible, for the most part, communicators and organizers. But the job has become incredibly difficult. Selling struggles are absolutely real."

Howard: "Sales relationships are all about moments. You string together moments. Those moments build trust, they build relationships, they build great outcomes. On the other side, those moments could be disastrous. So what do we try to do? We try to assess what are the most important moments and how do we help the reps contextually."

Howard: "The idea is test and measure everything and then prescribe because if I can help a rep in 65 different ways across how they handle an interaction or an account or an email or a video or a demo, if I could help them just 2%, the impact of that is remarkable. It's the synergistic impact, the 2 plus 2 is equal 12 that we're really getting at here."

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