A FATHER’S RESILIENCE: Pat Di Domenico on Co-Parenting and Founding Resilient Dads

Tune in to Edward Purmalis as he welcomes Pat Di Domenico, the founder of Resilient Dads, as he shares his personal experience of separation in the family from his parents, to his own. Pat also shares the difficulties of being a father who wants to be present in his son’s life but is challenged by social norms, and how it became motivation to establish Resilient Dads, a support group for fathers everywhere, here in the latest episode of the Level Up Show.


  • Pat's personal background
  • Pat on separation in the family
  • Dealing with life patterns
  • Difficulties of a separated father
  • Pat and Resilient Dads


Pat: “You want to be completely different from your parents. And, you know, we want to be able to take us not replicate the mistakes that are made.”

Pat: “For the fathers and the mothers that actually want to be there for their child and have a meaningful relationship. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, the court system can have a bias toward the mother, especially when the child is the young age of under the age of five.”

Pat: “I'm going to be creating a podcast, which I'm seeking to connect, you know, experts and specialists in the field, and resilient role model fathers stories, in terms of that fathers can relate to, and be able to have a source of information that is able to assist them and make him feel that in terms of that they're supported and that they're not the only ones going through this.”

Pat: “No father ever has to go to that depth of feeling that there's no way out and that all fathers are able to be the role model that their kids deserve.”

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