A Conversation with Luigi Prestinenzi

Luigi Prestinenzi is the Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Sales IQ Group and host of the Sales IQ Podcast. Your mindset can either create amazing results out of nothing or be the greatest hindrance to yourself. Luigi talks about the spectrum of mindsets, from growth and fixed mindsets to the similar open and closed mindsets that are prevalent in sales. He shares how building trust, adding value, and partnering for success with an abundance mindset flows into the seller's charter of guiding buyers to a decision point.


Your mindset lies in the spectrum between growth and fixed

Getting held back by cancer and a thirst for learning

Abundance mindset: Build trust, add value, and partner for success

The seller's charter: Help buyers realize the potential of their decisions

Growth: There is learning in every step of the sales process


On failing once and never doing it again Luigi: "If we all take that mentality of everything that I'm going to do, I'm going to go in with a thirst for learning and a thirst that anything's possible, regardless of the previous experiences that we had, our mindset will allow us to capture the full opportunity that's in front of us."

The seller's charter is to guide prospects to decisions Luigi: "If timing's not right for you, no matter what I do I can't force you to that point of decision. And if I try to do that, then I'm not helping you choose me, am I? And I think that's the type of mentality, that charter, it's about going my role is to help, my role is to guide, my role is to facilitate and help the prospect arrive at a certain decision point."

Every sales interaction is a learning experience Luigi: "This is having that attitude and that mindset of being the apprentice is tackling sales every single day with a mindset that I have so much to learn today, that regardless of what happens if people buy from you or they don't, I'm going to win at the end of the day because I'm going to take away incredible learning."

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