A BLOODY WIZARD: The Magic Of Automation In Business With Content Snare Co-Founder, James Rose

“I feel like a bloody wizard”. This is how James Rose would describe his experience using automation in his business. James is a Co-Founder of Content Snare, a platform designed to help people gather client information the fast and easy way. Join James and Rodney as they talk about the pain of asking clients to provide information and how he and his team solved this with Content Snare. All of these only here, in the latest episode of Revenue & Resilience.


  • James Rose: Co-Founder of Content Snare
  • The birth of Content Snare
  • What Content Snare does
  • Content Snare's edge over forms
  • Educating the target market
  • James' advice about automation
  • Rodney’s rapid fire


James on giving birth to Content Snare: “Our heart was always in software, we wanted to get back into software because we sold our previous business and software business and Content Snare was what we were looking for.”

James explains what Content Snare is: "Content Snare specifically is automating the process of collecting information from clients might mean if it's a website, you want to collect content, images, if you're an accountant, you might want to collect onboarding information.”

James compares Content Snare to online forms: "If a form is going to take more than 10 minutes for your client to fill out, it's not really fair on them to expect them to do it all in one go clear clients are busy just like you are.”

James’ advice on getting started with automation: "Just automate some tiny little process something you're doing manual at the moment, maybe it's a contact form, automatically putting them people at the meeting, even if you don't have a client spreadsheet, just go and make one and practice.”

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