#373 S2 Episode 242 - BE THE A.C.E. PLAYER: Attitude, Confidence, And Effort Are The Cards To Play, Every Single Day

Be confident with your Attitude, Confidence, and Effort, for these three things are what matter the most and not your results.

The Short yet sweet story of Tommy is about to close, and there’s no better way of finishing this than knowing the secret to being an A.C.E. seller. Don’t miss this slam dunk episode as Tommy closes the series with his talk about Attitude, Confidence, and Effort, only here, in this edition of Sales Transformation.

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  • Tommy's final thoughts
  • The 2-sided list
  • Left list: Uncontrollable
  • Right list: Controllable
  • Empower your confidence


Tommy on listing the uncontrollable factors:

“Get a piece of paper, two columns, one side of the list, and this can work as an individual sales/seller to write down everything that happens in your day that you don't have any control over.”

Tommy on listing the controllable factors:

“I distill it down to three things. And I use the ACE of cards as a reminder of your Attitude, your Confidence, and your Effort. Those are only three things you control.”

It’s what you do that matters, not the result:

“People need to stop getting upset with their results and start getting upset with your effort, because 90% of the time when you don't accomplish something, it has nothing to do with the end result. It's what you do every single day.”

It’s all about confidence:

“Confidence is your self-talk. It's how you talk to yourself. Confidence comes from your preparation, it has nothing to do with any prior success.”

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