#372 S2 Episode 241 - LOSS MAKES YOU A BOSS: Failure Is Feedback That Fires You Up To Grow


There are many times that we fail and feel that we are the failure itself, but that is not the case. Tommy Short is here to inspire us in another episode of Sales Transformation, where he explains why we should not be sad about failure, because it’s not a loss, it’s only feedback. Tune in and get a dose of Tommy’s wisdom in Sales Transformation.

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  • Failure is feedback
  • You have to fail to grow
  • Celebrate your losses
  • Reframe the conversation to turn things around


As Tommy says, failure is the feedback:

“One thing I think that's really powerful, I'm sure we'll get into at some point today is reframing how you view failure, and I was fortunate early on that one of my mentors said, failures = feedback.”

Collin says you gotta fail if you wanna grow:

“There's always a learning lesson or opportunity to grow in those failures of those challenges, or those tough moments. When things are going great. You're not really growing.”

What gets Tommy fired up:

“The winds are great. Like, everyone's gonna celebrate those, but let's celebrate those losses. That's what gets me fired.”

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