#371 S2 Episode 240 - ONE AND ONLY: Focusing On Only One Thing At A Time

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MULTITASKING. This is one thing that Tommy emphasizes well in this latest episode of Sales Transformation. If you want to be really good at one thing, you have to stick to it first before you start another one. Learn more about this as Collin unpacks Tommy’s views on why no one should multitask, only here in Sales Transformation. It’s time to jazz up your sales mindset with a podcast experience like no other! Join Kevin Dorsey aka KD and some of the brightest minds in sales in Live Better Sell Better ! Power up your podcast experience by joining our Free Podcast Community ! Are your Reps hitting their quotas this 2022? If not, then a Wingman Free Trial is what you need! HIGHLIGHTS There's no such thing as multitasking Don't focus on too many things, focus on one at a time QUOTES As Tommy says, no multitasking : “I think why so many people get frustrated, whether it's in officiating or sales, is we're trying to practice on seven different things at once, and there's no such thing as multitasking, pick one thing, get a little bit better today.” Collin on taking on too much: “Too many people try to take on too much all at the same time, and ultimately just set themselves up to fail and be frustrated and get better at nothing, maybe even get worse.” Connect with Tommy and learn more about what he’s been working on! About Tommy About Think Better Perform Better Think Better Perform Better Website Connect with Collin and find out what’s new in Sales Transformation and other things he’s up to: About Collin About Salescast Salescast Community Sales Transformation Wanna kick off your own kick-ass podcast? Already have one? How about growing it, or even monetizing it? LET’S TALK.